Pingry PE - 2017/2018 School Year

Re-Open: September 1st, 2017
Close: Aprill 29th, 2018
Delivery: Orders placed after 9/1/17, please allow 10-14 business days for your order to be completed
Delivery Options: 1) Pick Up at Sneakers Plus, Flemington, NJ (No Charge)  2) Ship to my Address (USPS Charges)

*You will receive an email with delivery/pick up instructions once your order is complete*

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Sizing Chart
All wearable items are made by Jerzees (Alpha) 
Shorts are Alleson

*Sizes are available for try-on at Sneakers Plus, Flemington, NJ*

A) Pingry PE - Hood (MANDATORY) Price: $30.00 B) Pingry PE - Short Sleeve Tee (MANDATORY) Price: $12.00 C) Pingry PE - Sweatpants (MANDATORY) Price: $22.00 D) Pingry PE - Mesh Shorts (MANDATORY) Price: $18.00
E) Pingry PE - Duffle (MANDATORY) Price: $24.00 F) Pingry PE - String Bag Price: $20.00 G) Pingry PE - Socks Price: $12.00 H) Pingry PE - Wigwam Socks Price: $12.00
I) Pingry PE - Towel Price: $21.00 J) Pingry PE - Water Bottle Price: $7.00 K) Pingry PE - Shock Doctor Mouthguard Case Price: $9.00 L) Pingry PE - Shock Doctor Mouthguard (Without Braces) Price: $14.00
M) Pingry PE - Shock Doctor Mouthguard (With Braces) Price: $22.00 N) Pingry PE - Diadora Ultimate Shinguards Price: $25.00 O) Pingry PE - Diadora Shinguard Price: $20.00 P) Pingry PE - Soccer Twin City Sock Price: $5.00
Q) Pingry PE - Protective Harrow Goggles Price: $55.00 R) Pingry PE - Speedo Swim Cap Price: $10.00 S) Pingry PE - Speedo Goggles Price: $20.00 T) Pingry PE - Umbrella Price: $25.00