Pingry PE - 2016/2017 School Year

Open: August 1st, 2016

All orders placed 6/1/2016 through 8/21/2016 will ship the week ending 8/26/2016.
All orders placed after August 21st,

Expected Delivery:
Please allow 14 business days for your order to ship

*You will receive an email with delivery/pick up instructions once your order is complete*

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Sizing Chart
All wearable items are made by Jerzees (Alpha) 
Shorts are Alleson

This online store is currently closed.

No orders can be placed at this time. If you feel that this message is in error, please contact our sales team.

A) Pingry PE - Hood (MANDATORY) Price: $30.00 B) Pingry PE - Short Sleeve Tee (MANDATORY) Price: $12.00 C) Pingry PE - Sweatpants (MANDATORY) Price: $22.00 D) Pingry PE - Mesh Shorts (MANDATORY) Price: $18.00
E) Pingry PE - Duffle (MANDATORY) Price: $24.00 F) Pingry PE - String Bag Price: $20.00 G) Pingry PE - Socks Price: $12.00 H) Pingry PE - Wigwam Socks Price: $12.00
I) Pingry PE - Towel Price: $21.00 J) Pingry PE - Water Bottle Price: $7.00 K) Pingry PE - Shock Doctor Mouthguard Case Price: $9.00 L) Pingry PE - Shock Doctor Mouthguard (Without Braces) Price: $14.00
M) Pingry PE - Shock Doctor Mouthguard (With Braces) Price: $22.00 N) Pingry PE - Diadora Ultimate Shinguards Price: $25.00 O) Pingry PE - Diadora Shinguard Price: $20.00 P) Pingry PE - Soccer Twin City Sock Price: $5.00
Q) Pingry PE - Protective Harrow Goggles Price: $55.00 R) Pingry PE - Speedo Swim Cap Price: $10.00 S) Pingry PE - Speedo Goggles Price: $20.00 T) Pingry PE - Umbrella Price: $25.00