Devils Lacrosse Club Online Store 2016

Open: February 13, 2016
Close: February 28, 2016 (MIDNIGHT)
Delivery: Week of April 1, 2016

Delivery Options: 1. Pick up at Sneakers Plus (no charge) 2. USPS (charge)
Local Representative: Stephanie Almeida

**An email will be sent with Delivery / Pick-up instructions once the order is complete**

Sample sizes available at Sneakers Plus 2-17-2016

Questions: Sneakers Plus Support


This online store is currently closed.

No orders can be placed at this time. If you feel that this message is in error, please contact our sales team.

A) Devils Lax - T-Shirt Price: $15.00 B) Devils LAX Long Sleeve Tee Price: $25.00 BB) Devils Lax - Long Sleeve Tee (No Back Logo) Price: $22.00 C) Devils Lax - Wicking Tee Price: $24.00
CC) Devils Lax - Wicking Tee (Front Logo Only) Price: $21.00 D) Devils Lax - Long Sleeve Wicking Tee Price: $30.00 DD) Devils Lax - Long Sleeve Wicking Tee (Front Logo Only) Price: $27.00 E) Devils Lax Sports Bra Price: $22.00
F) Devils Lax - Ladies Tank Price: $24.00 G) Devils Lax - Womens V-Neck Wicking Tee Price: $24.00 H) Devils Lax - Spirit Shirt Price: $36.00 I) Devils Lax Hooded Sweatshirt Price: $35.00
J) Devils Lax Hooded Sweatshirt Price: $35.00 K) Devils Lax - Bella Womens Full Zip Sweatshirt Price: $40.00 L) Devils Lax - Rugby Price: $55.00 M) Devils Lax - Women Shorts Price: $24.00
N) Devils Lax - Under Armour Shorts Price: $34.00 O) Devils Lax Sweatpants (Open Bottom) Price: $24.00 P) Devils Lax - Holloway Full Zip Jacket Price: $50.00 Q) Devils Lax - V-Neck Pull Over Jacket Price: $36.00
R) Devils Lax - Khaki Bucket Price: $30.00 S) Devils Lax - Hat Price: $20.00 T) Devils Lax - Visor Price: $20.00 U) Devils Lax Custom Socks Price: $15.00
V) Devils Lax Under Armour Backpack Price: $80.00 W) Devils Lax - Under Armour Duffel Bag Price: $90.00