Ridge High School Softball

* Open March 1, 2013
* Close March 10th, 2013 (MIDNIGHT)
* Estimated week of delivery - March 29th, 2013
* Delivery Options 1.USPS (charge) 2.Deliver my order to Coach (no charge)
* Local Representative Coach Stappenbeck  cstappenbeck@bernardsboe.com
* Questions? Contact - support@sneakersplus.com

This is a custom online store. Therefore, all sales are final - no refunds or exchanges will be granted.

This online store is currently closed.

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A) Ridge Softball Hoodie Price: $30.00 B) Ridge Softball Sweatpants - Open Bottom Price: $29.00 C) Ridge Softball Tee - Short Sleeve Price: $12.00 D) Ridge Softball Tee - Long Sleeve Tee Price: $16.00
E) Ridge Softball Long Sleeve Wicking Tee Price: $18.00 F) Ridge Softball Shorts Price: $22.00 G) Ridge Softball Jacket Price: $45.00 H) Ridge Softball Pants Price: $34.00
I) Ridge Softball Hat Price: $18.00